Anvil Arabians

November 23, 2020

This is a new project working with designer Jaime Johnson. She was great to work with and we had the website created and live in about two weeks!

About Anvil Arabians

Anvil Arabians, home to Alejandro & Ana Vigil and family, is an Arabian breeding farm garnering a collection of profoundly bred Arabian mares and show horses whose many accomplishments outweigh the farms “boutique” size in numbers. Nestled near the beac hes of San Diego, California, this farm, its owners, and its horses, represent the passion, love and connection the Arabian horse creates offers to those who know them.

The farm began in 2017 with the purchase of the beautiful, white Arabian mare, Oula Aljassimya. Oula ignited a passion in the Vigil family that has now lead to gathering a small collection of elite Arabian mares, residing at their farm in San Diego, California

The breeding program and overall Arabian horse experience at Anvil Arabians is one that is best described as “intimate,” not unlike their relationship with the horses they own.

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