The Turning Point 860

November 16, 2023

This was another website customer from Jenn Trickey. She created this site from an Elementor Template Kit. I have taken on the website maintenance for her and continue working with the client. 

From the website: Feel Your Body … Find Your Heart … Where Horses Bring Learning To Life The Turning Point offers Equine Assisted Learning as a tool towards gaining emotional intelligence, team building and leadership training. This curriculum is also a proven tool that facilitates recovery from PTSD, trauma and addiction.

EAL is appropriate for people of all ages interested in expanding their emotional growth and requires no previous experience with horses. All horse activities are performed on the ground in conjunction with our trained Facilitators and Assistants utilizing the highly regarded Equus Effect Facilitation curriculum, in partnership with our Arabian Horse Schoolmasters. The program includes both hands-on time with the horses accompanied by a robust emotional education curriculum.

You can check out their website at