Jeanne Hollingsworth Real Estate

September 27, 2021

This was a website I helped move from the previous hosting to Santa Ynez Web Hosting. It was a little more involved as it required setting up the MLS listings and other domain redirects.

From the website – After 28 years of service to clients in the Santa Ynez Valley, Jeanne knows her strengths and how to use them to represent you. Her expertise is as a Buyer’s broker supporting the negotiation on the Buy-side of the transaction. Her talent is consistently findin g the property that matches her buyers vision and intent. She is fearless in negotiation with the other agents and the sellers. Being unencumbered by office politics, but a valued colleague of the other agents, her focus is on promoting the needs and wants of the Buyer. Transparent and hard-working her relationships with county officials, contractors and tradesmen facilitate thorough investigation of a property. Bright and well educated, Jeanne can see through to create new possibilities and outcomes.

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