M.F.I. Capliners

January 20, 2020

All of our M.F.I. Capliners are custom fabricated to your requirements upon receipt of your order. We do not keep cut capliners in stock. This is done to ensure freshness and quality of product.

Complete sealing of your product is our goal. We can supply pressure sensitive foams for complete sealing of dry products.

M.F.I. Capliners can supply specially formulated heat induction liners for the proper sealing of your product-be it dry, cream, or liquid-in any type of container from glass, HDPE, PET, PP, PVC, etc., to metal.

M.F.I. Capliners stock many types of common heat induction materials, pressure sensitive liner materials, foam (generally F217) and depending on quantity and size, can usually produce your custom order immediately.

M.F.I. Capliners can produce any size from 12mm to larger than a 120mm standard cap diameter as well as custom sizes and shapes. We run order sizes from a minimum of 2,500 pcs in to the millions.

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